Flying Rays was founded in 2011. The predecessor of Flying Rays was Feida Enterprise Co.

The founder Mr. Chen Kuo-Chuan is focusing on machining area over 25 years, especially in powder metallurgy. As the company is growing bigger, we extend our business as a trading company in 2011.

Flying Rays is focusing on doing what we believe is "right" by our clients, employees, and suppliers; it means we deal fairly with our clients, employees, and suppliers. Doing business in this manner, we continually build our passion on supporting our partners, and improve the quality of every single component.

As long as we use our talent to help our clients, there is no challenge we cannot meet because we instills the strong passion into the whole team. Passion is our core value from top to the bottom. Moreover, with skilled workforce, there is nothing impossible, and support the most difficult challenges to our clients.

Flying Rays has excellent history of technical skill, know-how, and innovation to bring our clients the benefits of the process from start to finish.

We can help our clients by supporting small structural components or even fully assembled systems, our expert team will corporate with you to demonstrate the solution, solve the issue, and make the parts in high volume, on time, with the high quality.

Trust us and make us as your single-source manufacturer, and you will see the difference our expert team can make.


  • contracer measurement machine

  • surface roughness tester

  • micrometer

  • micrometer

  • height gauge

  • vernier caliper

  • 2D Projector

  • thread gauge


  • tapping center

  • CNC lathe machine

  • CNC lathe machine